Wine is an intoxicating drink and is made from the grapes as a fermented juice. Wine is also prepared from other fruits. Since, grapes can ferment without the addition of sugar they are mostly used to make wines. Nearly all the wines made in the world are prepared from the vitis vinifera, a species of the grape family. Red wines are color wines. Red wines are made from the red grape varieties. These wines get their color by allowing the skin of the grapes to get contact with the grape juice during the wine making process. White wines are usually colorless as they are made from the white grape varieties. Sparkling wines have a small amount of intense effervescences. Champagne is the most famous sparkling wine in many regions in the world.Wines are available in several colors. The quality of wine can be affected if it is not stored properly. As time goes the wine changes its color, aroma becomes more obvious and then flavor acquires its own unique character. Wines Singapore.


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