That’s the beauty of YouTube. The biggest earners on this platform are not big production houses or music labels. Nope! They are regular home-grown folks like you and I. People who are creating niche videos and pulling in millions of viewers to their quaint but engaging videos. Like success in all things, success on YouTube can happen to you anytime. It could be just round the bend. You just need to persevere long enough, but more important than that, you need to be digging in the right direction. It’s something every YouTube marketer has experienced. The early phase of the channel, when it’s still unproven is the most crucial time for its success. If you can make a mark right in the beginning, then success follows much easier because YouTube’s algorithm picks up on the cues and starts ranking you higher organically, bringing you more visitors through search and the YouTube sidebar. Imagine what it would it be like if you had thousands of people coming to you every month on YouTube, all on their own, watching your videos, and building up the stats for you that bring you super ranking success!Pay a lot of attention now, because what I am going to reveal next is the bi


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