I just wanted to write this red tea detox review to let everyone know that this program really does work, Ive been using it for 3 weeks now and have managed to lose 24 pounds with very little effort. The key component of the program (which was put together by Liz Swann Miller) is the tasty red tea that consists of only 5 ingredients all known for there fat burning and anti-oxidant properties The ingredients can be bought at any grocery store or natural food outlet and are very cheap so it wont cost you a bundle to enjoy the red tea as often as you like As part of my red tea detox review I think its only ethical that I do not divulge the ingredient list as that wouldn’t be fair to Liz Swann Miller as she has obviously spent a great deal of time, money and resources on this weight loss system and she deserves to reap the rewards for what I know is the best weight loss system I have ever used and I have tried several.


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