Buying Refurbished Printers will save you more than 50% offWhat have refurbished printers meant? A printer or Copier refurbishing doesn’t mean cleaning the printer covers and tests it then its ready to go!!! As many sellers do, its time consuming and costly job to make the printer meet the manufacturer specifications, to achieve this goal many consumables parts need to be replaced with brand new genuine ones such as (drum unit, feed rolls, fuser, developing unit, gears, transfer belt, separation pads, separation rolls, solenoids and more) then the printer will rebuilt exactly the same way when it born at their manufacture mother, then we test the printer heavily under many criteria by printing hundreds of copies of different sizes from all the trays in addition to testing color, B and W, reduction, enlargement, paper jam, error codes, and networking test, then the printer stored in printer’s friendly environment to avoid storing damages, following all of these processes now its ready to go.


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