Oh No My Direct Sales Company Was Bought Now My Link Has Changed Here’s What My Client Did I see this happen over and over. People join companies. The company gives you a website link or even a subdomain website which is still dependent on the name of the company and the company is bought.ALL OF YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS ARE LOST! I’ve never seen a case where a company kept the same website address nor even created a redirect to the old website. Everything has to be rebranded to the new company.What Did My Custom $5 A Month Website Client Do?He sent me a text to change the links! That’s it. He continued to promote http://500ChannelsCableFree.com He didn’t lose any of his marketing efforts because he was promoting HIS OWN WEBSITE!. Because of my client’s willingness to invest just $5.00 per month in his business, his marketing efforts are protected. Market with Intelligence,RickJ. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.http://Custom5DollarWebsites.com


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