mdash;took Deck in top to toe through a glower.He had the wrong ALL BLACK UNISEX NIKE TANJUN SLIP TRAINERSidea.McFarlandrsquo;s eyes sliced to Emme and what he said next proved Deck right. ;What kind of old friend?rdquo; BLACK WHITE UNISEX NIKE TANJUN SLIP TRAINERSIt was the wrong thing to ask. Deck knew this because, even if a man had suspicions his woman just introduced him to an ex-lover, he should wait until they were alone to call her on it. He also knew this because Emmersquo;s smile was not only gone, her face had grown slightly cold. ; PINK WHITE LADIES NIKE TANJUN SLIP TRAINERSThe kind Irsquo;d introduce to my boyfriend?rdquo; she replied on a question that didnrsquo;t quite hide its sarcasm, her smooth alto voicemdash;something among many things hersquo;d always liked about hermdash;having grown nearly as cold as her face.Emme didnrsquo;t take from her man.Another surprise.Danersquo;s glower subsided, he started to look contrite, but none of the cold left Emmersquo;s face and Deck decided to wade in. ;Letrsquo;s start this again,rdquo; he stated, offering his hand.;Dane, like Emme said, Irsquo;m Jacob Decker. An old friend of Emmersquo;s, just a friend from back in the day. Everyone calls me Deck.rdquo;McFarlandrsquo;s eyes came to him, dropped to his hand then back to his face when he took Deckrsquo;s hand. He squeezed and he did it hard, a challenge, a competition. His ludicrously strong grip saying either he didnrsquo;t like his girl having men friends no matter how they came or that hersquo;d noted Deck had three inches on him and likely forty pounds, but he felt he could still take him.Or it said both.This guy was a .He was also a moron. Just with the difference in their sizes, any man would be smart enough not to issue that kind of challenge or think he could best Deck. But the fact that those forty pounds Deck had on him were all muscle and McFarland couldnrsquo;t miss it made him more of a moron.And Deck did not like that for Emme.Unable to do anything but, he squeezed back, saw McFarlandrsquo;s flinch, felt his hand go slack in reflexive self-preservation in order to save his bones getting crushed, and his point made, Deck let the manrsquo;s hand go.McFarland flexed it twice before shoving it into his pocket.Emme missed this. She was looking up at Deck. ;What are you doing in Gnaw Bone?rdquo; she asked. ;Could ask you the same thing,rdquo; he returned. ;I live here now.rdquo;Another shock. Her family was in Denver and they were tight. She didnrsquo;t hav


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