When Steve Kerr joined the Chicago Bulls as a guard in 1993, he began a relationship with Phil Jackson that’s been one of the most important in his life — coach, teacher, mentor, and, now for many years, good friend. The Bulls under Jackson would win three consecutive NBA championships before Kerr left in 1998. Jackson would go on to coach the Los Angeles Lakers, which he led to five championships in the 2000s, making him the winningest coach in the history of the league. Since Kerr was hired to coach the Golden State Warriors four years ago — he had never coached in the NBA before — his success has been nothing short of Jackson-like. The team has won three championships and, in the view of many, changed the way the game is played. Thoughtful, outspoken, attuned to social media, a creative basketball mind, someone who’s keenly aware of the pressures that society puts on modern players, Kerr would be the first to say that Jackson has been a major influence in how he thinks about the game and how he leads. On the eve of the new season, the two discuss what they’ve learned from coaching over the years.


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