The unique and personal designs of Samira Buchi New York are dreamt and constructed in the heart of Long Island City, Queens from a sunlit workshop surrounded by other artists and new pioneers of the design industry.Samira feels that the neighborhood’s booming and changing art scene is very much reminiscent of the Soho of the 70’s and many areas of Brooklyn over the past decade.Between her home in Chelsea and studio in LIC, she is continuously inspired by the individual differences of the different neighborhoods of NYC.Samira takes on a vagabond couture approach – each bag of the Nativ Collection is handcrafted and manufactured individually for each wearer in Samira Buchi’s studio.She works with every client through each step of the design process as she understands the companionship between the handbag and the human carrying it. Just like the individual, each bag is unique and has it’s own spirit.So for her it is important to give each woman the rare opportunity to actively participate throughout the various stages of production and watch their bag being made through a personalized online profile.


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