In our earlier article, we discussed the ultimate aim of human life. The goal of krishna ji ki aarti in hindi the ultimate aim of human life is that ‘life should know life’. Life, in this context, refers to the inner experience of aliveness within each one of us, which has been known as Self or God. It is the living consciousness krishna ji ki aarti in hindi mp3 due to which the body is alive and moving. In the absence of shree krishna ji ki aarti in hindi the enlivening consciousness, the body would be a mere corpse. The body moves only because of the presence of the Self, the conscious presence. When the living principle in a body is consciously aware of itself, it is called Self-realization.Self-realizat- ion is the recognition of who-we-truly-are. Once bhagwan shri krishna ji ke bhajanwe discover our true self, our ultimate quest as human beings comes to an end. Until then, we keep indulging in bodily, mental, intellectual and egoistic pleasures and try to seek solace in friends, television, music, food, drinks, etc.The real need is to satiate our feeling of emptiness once and for all by getting to know our true self, rather than seeking solace outside.


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