They do not have authority.Authority is the single most important thing no matter what niche your in. If you have authority people will listen to you, they will care about what you say, they will opt in to your email list and they will buy your products. If you do not, they wont, and you have a long hard road ahead of you.Because this is such a huge problem for people just getting started I decided to create a solution that allows anyone to hiJACK not only other people’s content, but also their authority to get optins, make affiliate sales, and even sell their own products.• Fully cloud based, no website or hosting needed!• Hijack almost any site with multiple jack types!• Add your own optin form, bonus offer, or call to action on other peoples content!• Fully drag and drop!• Hijack website links and make them redirect where you want!• Get instant content, traffic and authority!


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