How to Target Keywords Without Making a Whole New Web Page by Rick “The Automation Man” Kirkham of Custom5DollarWebsites #FreeSEOTips #FreeAutomationTipsI’ve been getting a lot of local custom web design business here in Honolulu Hawaii. Even local businesses here on Oahu that already have a website are seeing the advantage of a website pointing to their own website which constantly adds on topic content for local search engine optimization (local SEO) as well as offering multiple income streams to increase profits passively without taking more time out of the busy business persons day.This Created a Need to Market More to Honolulu BusinessesHowever, if you’ve ever done multiple web pages with basically the same content and just tweaking keyword phrases to help get near the top of the search engines for those keyword phrases, you know what a pain it can be to update each page separately whenever you make changes. You might change payment services. You may decide aword or a phrase could increase your sales but, then you have to do the same thing on the next page as well wow keeping the keywords at your tweaked.The Automation Man To His Own RescueLet me say if...


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