Hello Are you okay? Glad youre here! Want to learn how to detoxify the bowel naturally? Cleanse your body of toxins in 1 week. You should keep your gut from getting dirty, because otherwise according to natural medicine your body will be prone to disease.The intestine is a very important organ for the digestive system and is responsible for storing waste that is solid and then evacuated.A sedentary lifestyle and a bad diet on a daily basis can lead this important organ to chronic intoxication and you can avoid it.When someone has a digestive problem, such as constipation, they accumulate in the colon, sediments that consequently remain in the walls of the intestine.The bad thing is that these wastes usually get along with other toxins and microorganisms and ferment within the body and this does harm to the body.You should prevent problems by keeping the colon clean, doing detoxification whenever possible and thus being free of allergies, fatigue, constipation, unwillingness to eat and weight gain among other things.There are several ways to cleanse your gut, the most common are laxatives and natural recipes.Laxatives in turn are not good for the intestinal flora, a


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