Chapter 1Emily took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Womens Piou Piou 85mm Black Patent Leather Pointed Toe PumpsThe cold February wind swept across the wide porch of the ranch house and cut right through her lightweight denim jacket. Her heavy coat was in the pickup, but this job wouldnrsquo;t take long. Hand the box of letters over to Clarice Barton and shersquo;d be back in her Womens Piou Piou 85mm Leopard Printed Pony Pointed Toe Pumpstruck and on her way. Then her grandfatherrsquo;s spirit would rest in peace. Hersquo;d said that it wouldnrsquo;t until the box was put in Claricersquo;s hands.She heard footsteps on hardwood floors, and then something brushed against her leg. She looked Womens Piou Piou 85mm Nude Patent Leather Pointed Toe Pumpsdown just as a big yellow cat laid a dead mouse on her boots. There were two things that Emily hated and


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