We are registered in Chennai, India by the name of Talent Canvas and state that Golinked is one of our virtual establishments dedicated to providing LinkedIn profile writing and Resume writing solutions.The main website can be accessed on www.talentcanvas.biz.Some common T and C for LinkedIn writing and Resume writing solutions include the following:The individuals availing our services must be willing in writing via email to share their Resume and personal details, which we shall keep 100% confidential.The fees discussed and agreed for the services need to be paid in advance to us, 100% or in two installments, first 50%, before the work starts and second 50%, after delivery of First Draft (and not after work completion). Only if the individual agrees to these Terms, we shall proceed with services.We shall not share any samples of LinkedIn profiles or Resumes with personal details etc. written by us randomly as profiles written by us are the copyright of our clients.


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