gus McLean was a bit of a rogue. Boys Copa Mundial FG Black Cleats SoccerHe had six children.rsquo;Heads shot around the room, looking back and forth between each other aghast.But a few heads stayed steadymdash;as if theyrsquo;d already heard the news.Callan couldnrsquo;t believe his ears. lsquo;Six children? Who on earth told you that?rsquo; This had to be rubbish. Boys Copa Mundial FG Blue White Cleats SoccerWas a bunch of strangers trying to claim part of the McLean estate?Frank looked him clearly in the eye. lsquo;Angus told me,rsquo; Boys Copa Mundial FG Skyblue White Cleats Soccerhe said quietly.Callan froze. Every hair on his body standing on end. It couldnrsquo;t be true. It just couldnrsquo;t.Frank cleared his throat nervously. lsquo;As a result of Mr McLeanrsquo;s heirsmdash;and with some further researchmdash;wersquo;ve discovered there are twelve potential inheritors of the estate.rsquo;Callan s


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