The mountains rose and dipped and the helicopter Mens On Feet Adidas Adipower Barricade 8 Tennis Black Sliver Sneakersswooped through a green-clad valley. lsquo;And where. Not many people have the Mens On Feet Adidas Adipower Barricade 8 Tennis Blue Black White Sneakerscourage to visit the wolf in his lair.rsquo;Despite her determination to keep an open mind, Grace felt her mouth dry. lsquo;You call him the wolf?rsquo;lsquo;Not me. Thatrsquo;s what everyone else calls him. I just call him the boss.rsquo; His hands shifted on Mens On Feet Adidas Adipower Barricade 8 Tennis White Sliver Blue Sneakersthe controls and the helicopter lost height.Losing her stomach and her nerve, Grace closed her eyes briefly and tried not to also lose her lunch. Shersquo;d never been any good on roller coasters. lsquo;Irsquo;m sure Mr Cordeiro is a very reasonable man.rsquo;lsquo;Are you?rsquo; He fixed his eyes on a spot far below them. lsquo;Then yoursquo;ve obviously never met him. Hold on. Wersquo;re going down.rsquo;lsquo;Going down?rsquo; Grace stared at him in alarm, her worries about sickness and the dangers of Rafael Cordeiro momentarily eclipsed by that less than reassuring statement. lsquo;Do you mean wersquo;re landing or wersquo;re crashing?rsquo;But the pilot didnrsquo;t answer. His eyes were narrowed and his jaw clenched as he played with the controls. For a moment it looked as though they were going to plunge into the trees and then, at the last minute, a small landing pad revealed itself and he lowered the machine down, landing like a giant insect in what seemed like a ridiculously small gap between the trees.lsquo;Not crashing, then.rsquo; Grace gave a wobbly smile and let out the breath shersquo;d been holding. lsquo;I had a mental image of carnage.rsquo;lsquo;If yoursquo;re meeting with Cordeiro then therersquo;s going to be carnage.rsquo; The pilot flicked a switch in front of him. lsquo;Irsquo;ve seen grown men in tears after five minutes with him. Take my advice and fight your corner. If therersquo;s one thing the boss hates, itrsquo;s wimps. Welcome to the Atlantic rainforest, Miss Thacker. One of the most endangered little ecosystems on our planet.rsquo;lsquo;Yoursquo;re leaving me? Here? In the middle of nowhere?rsquo; Grace turned her head and looked out of the window and only then did she see the lodgemdash;a building that seemed to consist of nothing but glass domes and smooth, weathered wood, it blended into the forest so cleverly that it see


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