49cc MOTORIZED BIKE FOR SALE SERVICE SAINT LOUIS Brand New Bike with Engine Kit Installed!(314) 441-5981This is is a thrill. If you have never ridden one of these its a bicycle and a motorcycle all in one. Exhilarating and fun! You will get looks and questions. The most common question being where is the gas tank :) Why mess with getting in a cumbersome car and burning up gas? At 90+ miles per gallon, why not just hop on this for some spring and summer time quick trips to the grocery store, collage campus or just puttin around the neighborhood?Benefits Include:High MPGSingle brake lever works both front and back brakesVersatileBetter social lifePedals as a normal bike if neededOptimal rider height 52 and upChain guardDrawbacks:Fuel mixingWorking the clutchAs stated, this is a bicycle AND its a motorcycle. When used as a motorcycle it operates with a single speed gear drive ratio. You have to operate a hand clutch but there is no gear shifting involved. You only have to use the clutch when first getting going and then when you come to a stop. Its like driving a car with a manual transmission where your left for works the clutch. In the case of this bike, your left hand works the clutch lever as your right hand adjusts the throttle via the right hand grip. If youve never done this before it takes a little practice but most people catch on real quick :)Once built, we ride these bikes to ensure that they do run and to get the wear in started properly. You might be tempted to see how fast these can go but please dont go over around 20 MPH at first. As a general rule you should burn through about 4 tanks of gas before you go any faster than you yourself can run.


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