A great make-up makes the difference in regards to highlighting the personal image, its the grade of these products, its the makeup, its the technique, everything together make makeup one of many elements that enhance the professional or personal image.The work of a good image consultant is not just centered on makeup, costumes, hairstyles, communication, manners, the cultivation of the internal image, and external change generally speaking, its the integral work of a good professional.With the makeup, its possible to disguise those small details or defects that can offer a bad aspect to the image, thats why the significance of learning to replace with different events, occasions and seasons. In this sense, an excellent image consultant should be informed and prepared with regard to everything in force in the area he or she manages. The event of that is to produce an image in line with the environment in which the client operates, taking into consideration many facets of it.Steps to make a great professional makeup and project an excellent image:1.-Exfoliate your skin, create a good cleaning, moisturize and moisturize it to have a good foundation.2.-Apply a good foundation, for a daytime makeup, always searching for makeup with natural light, and for a night makeup with artificial light and always in front, steer clear of the ceiling light that marks dark circles and volume and tends to confuse you.3.-Make a mixture with the moisturizer and the beds base to lighten it. One of the most important parts when it comes to makeup is to know how to make a good foundation, whether you want to achieve a tan effect or prefer a more sophisticated finish by carving the face. We recommend that for both options you utilize the bronzing powder, as it melts smoothly with the skin, enhancing the tone with a lovely golden effect4.-Use concealer to simulate visible imperfections, such as for example dark circles, skin blemishes, spots on the bozo, etc.5.-Use illuminator in the middle of the forehead, chin and eyes, and in the upper the main bone of the cheekbone.6.-Use bronzing powder in the next areas, both parties of the forehead, towards the temples, underneath the bone of the cheekbone and under the type of the jaw.7.-Always use the eyelash curler, when you can get more volume in these.8.-Make up your eyebrows, no makeup could have professional effect, if they are neglected.9.-Do not your investment hands, the nails also needs to keep them well-cared, well painted or well-groomed, use them in line with the makeup, you are able to combine the tone with the lips, or similar.10.-Do not forget to disguise the pimples that appear on your face, as they can ruin your makeup.Just how to disguise the pimples that appear on the face area and not ruin makeup?The use of a good corrector is necessary, but often its insufficient, since sometimes the volume of its maintained, so the next is advised:• The location should really be cleaned with a cotton soaked in water, to arrest the dirt, without leaving a greasy film on it.• Apply a topical treatment for the type of grain, remember that you should know if your skin is fat, dry or semi-fat. This really is determined by your dermatologist.


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